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A success story

Present in the Portugal national market of electricity and industrial automation since 2000.

Sensordin was founded in 2000, and its activity is focused on the commercialization of automation solutions, electrical and electronic equipment, for all type of industry and machine builders.

Our main goal is to create long-term partnerships, built on trust relationships that add value to our business partners. We are not only focused on product sales, but on the benefits that our customers can seize by acquiring our solutions.

We are distributors of reference brands in the electric market sector, and we commercialize installation products, command and protection equipment, servomotors, instrumentation, safety and automation, as well as integrated solutions.

Our organization aims to provide our customers with technologically advanced solutions tailored to their needs and desires, being in line with the challenges and constant evolution of our market.

Sensordin History

  • February


    Sensordin's Foundation

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    Sensordin's Foundation in the area of Santa Maria de Lamas.

    Initially the company was held by partners Mr. Paulo Coelho and Bresimar group. The commercial focus was just the electric market.

  • January


    Eldon's distribuition

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    Agreement for distribution in the national territory established for the Eldon brand.

    We are the oldest partner and which we are proud to be the Iberian Peninsula's sales leader.

  • February


    Change of premises

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    Transfer process of premises to the current address begins - parish of São João de Vêr.

    Sensordin now has a much larger area for storage.

  • September


    Rockwell Automation distribution

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    Agreement for distribution in the national territory established for Rockwell Automation products - Allen Bradley.

    With this, also begins a new distribution area - industrial automation.

    We are specialists and sales leaders of this industrial automation world leading brand.

  • December


    Phoenix Contact distribution

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    Agreement for distribution in the national territory established for Phoenix Contact's products.

  • June


    Acquisition of the entire company

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    Sensordin is held in totality by one person - Mr. Paulo Coelho.

    Through a new development strategy a new cycle is started for the company.

  • January


    Brand and image restyle

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    Creation of a new brand for Sensordin, based on a strategy of total rupture with the past.

    A new logo and a new website are created highlighting a new image. Sensordin becomes a rejuvenated, innovative and modern company.

  • September


    Implementation of ISO 9001:2008

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    The Quality Management System is implemented based on the norm of ISO 9001: 2008.

    The focus was to communicate to its employees, clients and partners a vision of the future and quality proccess's.

  • November


    Siemens Distribution

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    Agreement for distribution is established for Siemens for automation and electricity products.

    After several years of commercializing this brand products and never being recognized as distributor, the principle of a long partnership is finally agreed upon.

  • August


    Premises renewal

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    With the clear growth of the company and employees recruitment, it is essential to increase the premises.

    New offices are created and existing ones are renewed. A new training room with greater capacity, modern and innovative equipment is created.

    Two new spaces are created and made available to employees and partners: a gym and cafeteria.

  • March


    Secomea distribution

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    Agreement for distribution is established with Secomea for remote access solutions.

    With this partnership, grows up the portofolio solutions of Sensordin, to provide to our customers a unique and exclusive solution in Portuguese market.

  • October


    MicroDetectors distribution

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    Agreement for distribution is established with MicroDetectors.

    With this partnership, we offer to our custumers a greater diversity of products in the area of detection and security. With better prices and manufactured in Europe.

  • Jannuary


    Patlite distribuition

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    Agreement for distribution is established with Patlite.

    With this partnership, Sensordin can distributed products from the leading provider of innovate LED status indicating lights, sound alarms, visual and audible communication network system and solutions.