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Industrial electronic weighing

Founded in 1963 the company went through all levels of technological developments. Today they provide integrated solutions for weighing, process control and measurement.

The wide range of products and systems, including those developed internally and world-wide traded, guarantees every kind of weighing and measurement project for all industrial applications: steel mill, metallurgy, paints, tanneries, concrete mill, paper mill, glass industry, pharmaceutical, chemical, petrochemical, food&beverage and packaging.

All Pavone Sistemi products can interface with PCs and PLCs from major international brands - Siemens, Omron, Schneider, Bosch Rexroth, Panasonic, Rockwell Automation, Allen-Bradley, B & R Automation, Beckhoff, Mitsubishi - through most common field in the market - Profibus, Profinet, Ethernet IP, Ethercat, DeviceNet, CANopen.

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Pavone Sistemi is able to develop reliable measurement products, with a cost-benefit, certified and compliant with standards.

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Wide range of equipment and solutions for industrial weighing6.

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Weighing Instrumentation

The weighing systems are now essential in all industries, from chemical to steel, from food to pharmaceutical, and they make it possible the control and plan the production with an unprecedented accuracy. But weighing systems for the industry does not only consist of devices that perform effectively the weighing process: there are many other instruments, from weight indicators, to transmitters, to dosing/batching tools, which help to complete the framework, allowing the weighing systems to be not only great "scales" but real active components of a production plant.

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Load cells

Load cells are devices of enormous versatility in the field of weighing. The main strength of load cells, miniaturized or standard as they may be, is definitely their practicality: the fundamental principle behind the load cell is to release a flow signal proportional to the applied weigh, a signal which is then translated into a numerical value by further accessories. Such function is made possible by the strain gauge housed in all standard and miniaturized load cells; this device?s range dictates the specific applications for which the load cell is suitable.

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Dynamic weighing

A dynamic weighing system requires not only the actual measurement of the load but also to integrate the weight and speed variables so as to be able to measure and adjust the flow rate. This is the function of the loss in weight, used for the control of gravimetric feeders with screw extractor, belt or vibrating channel.

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In industrial applications, it is not uncommon that it is necessary to detect the weight of very large objects. The solution needed in these cases is constituted by the weighing platforms, systems where the platform supports the object to be weighed and transmits its load to the cells below, that measure synchronously to provide the precise value. In this way, the weighing platforms work like huge scales, with all the precision and robustness required by their use and by the loads which have to manage. Of particular interest, for strength and resistance to damage, there are definitely the weighing platforms in stainless steel. The typical use of stainless steel weighing platforms is for those situations where the device must operate in particularly aggressive environments or in food and pharmaceutical fields.

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Mobile weighing

When you need a mobile weighing instrument that combines the absolute simplicity of use & reliability in measurement to excellent performance in the loading capacity level, the perfect product is the pallet truck scale with four load cells. It can simply be used as a movable scale or, with the implementation of dedicated functions, can work as counters, manage and control dosages, print, transmit wireless data, etc. Special versions are also available with stainless steel carpentry and ATEX certification.

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